MARCH 14, 2013 at GHS

Gilmer High School In-Service Training - Free Tech Extravaganza - Introduction to several free tools


Session Title: Adventures in Flipped Learning

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MAY 30, 2012 at Copper Basin High School

Session Title: Timmi's Tech Bytes

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MARCH 19, 2012 at GHS

Session Title: Introduction to Edmodo

FEBRUARY 16, 2012 at GSTA Conference

Session Title: Using Edmodo to Flip The Biology Classroom

JANUARY 21, 2012 at TeachMeet Georgia (Kennesaw State University)

Session Title: Flipping Out With Flipped Learning Featuring Edmodo


APRIL 13TH, 2011 at GHS

Session Title: Classroom and Beyond Communication & Collaboration Tools

-In this session, we learned about resources that will allow students and teachers to communicate in the classroom and beyond the walls of the classroom

-Topics included using Skype to videoconference with other classes, authors, business leaders and scientists; using Today's Meet to create a real-time chatroom for students to discuss a topic; using Vocaroo to create a simple podcast; and using Blogger to create a blog

-In the remaining time, we checked out some creativity tools too

FEBRUARY 16TH, 2011 at GHS

Session Title: Creativity Tools for Teachers and Students
-In this session, we learned about several free resources that will engage students in the learning process and possibly rejuvenate teaching practices too
-We revisited TodaysMeet from last session
-We examined Easy Avatar Creator, GoAnimate, Glogster, and Prezi with basic examples and actual student examples
-Ideas were shared on the use of these tools in the classroom

JANUARY 19TH, 2011 at GHS

Session Title: Cool Tools for Teaching and Reviewing Vocabulary as well as Teaching Writing Creatively
-In this session, we learned about web-based resouces such as Wordle & Tagxedo that will allow students to learn vocabulary in more in depth ways
-We also learned about using Google News for vocabulary in context and Story Creator 2 for creative writing
-The website was also introduced, a great real-time chatroom for students and teachers that does not require passwords or complicated logins

2010 at GAETC

Topics: Use of Skype in the classroom and teaching science with case studies and PRS systems

2008 at GHS

Topic: Engaging Learners with Digital Media Content
-Using UnitedStreaming

2007 at GHS and 2008 at GAETC

Topics: Scavenger Hunts, Subject Samplers, and Webquests

SESSION 90: Let's Get Brainy: Using Technology to Enhance Learning
Michael Shawler, Gilmer County Schools, Timmi Shawler, Gilmer County Schools
Kenyan 1-2 Wednesday - 4:15pm - 5:15pm Capacity-20
How can technology be used to get your students to enhance their learning? We will explore the use of scavenger hunts, subject samplers, and webquests to get your students excited about their learning and thus moved into higher-order thinking skills. These lessons will give teachers alternatives to worksheets and book work and give their students the opportunity to explore concepts in more detail. In many cases, the students will become the experts, and the teacher is merely the facilitator by using these lessons. We will also discuss how to use these methods in differentiating the classroom instruction and much more. Last, we will discuss how to incorporate these lessons into your curriculum under the time constraints of GPS.
Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment; Instructional 9-12; BYOL