Some Folks said...

Tech Bytes April 2013 - Creating a Self-Paced Classroom
  • "Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us all these cool resources!"

Tech Bytes March 2013 - Edmodo for All of Us
  • "Loved it! Gave me enough info to play with and try new things I couldn't do before. I plan to practice this summer."

GHS In-Service 2013 - Free Tech Extravaganza
  • "Thank you so much for your inspiring strategies about flipped learning! I enjoy learning new ways to increase student engagement. I am excited to try all this new technology in my own classroom!"
  • "Timmi is so creative and great at explaining technology ideas for your classroom. This was my favorite part of today! I can't wait to get some time to play around on these awesome apps!"
  • "Tons of great information"
  • "Awesome!!!"

GAETC 2012 - Adventures in Flipped Learning
  • "Very entertaining and informative session."
  • "Great session for someone thinking of flipping their classroom. This helped me ALOT."

TeachMeet 2011
  • RT @onboardlearning: Thanks, Timmi, for a wonderful presentation about flipped learning featuring Edmodo! Her resources are at #tmga12 - Jan 22nd, 2012 by nswildcat (Mark Petersen) & onboardlearning (Lisa Dubernard)

GAETC 2010 - Get Hooked On Real World Science
  • "Thanks so much. I am going to meet with our Science Content Coach to show him the case studies. You were wonderful!

Wired Wednesdays 2007
  • "I thought it was GREAT!!!!! Very useful, practical information for EVERYONE. I learned a lot. I discovered that I'm already doing some
    things similar to scavenger hunts and webquests, I maybe just need to refine them a little. I liked how they explained the differences
    between each and related them to Bloom's taxonomy. I appreciated the fact that were very time-conscious and tried to
    keep it to exactly an hour. I love the energy that both of them convey. It's easy to see why the students all enjoy their classes
    and are excited about science! They did a good job getting us excited about technology!!!!"
  • "Not to play down the other Building Blocks meetings we have done so far, but this Wired Wed. was the most useful thus far, in my opinion. I felt that this time, we went from theory ("this is what you should do") to practice ("here are some ways to get things done"). I really appreciated this one. Thanks to the Shawlers! :)"
  • "Terrific job presenting the material. I usually think of myself as knowledgeable about the use of technology and have used many of the strategies presented yesterday. However the "webquest" information was greatly appreciated! In my 8 years as a teacher a GHS I do believe that meeting yesterday was the best to actually improve instruction that I have witnessed. Thanks to everyone responsible!
    Now if only I can find the time to create some "webquests" for economics....."