• Educational games for grades K - 5external image _full_back%20to%20school%20clipart.jpg
  • Easy to navigate with lots of positive reinforcement
  • Letters, numbers, and more!


  • Math and Reading Activities grades K - 8
  • Games, MadLibs, Puzzles, Comics, Books, ....

Junior Jotter

  • e-Learning platform specifically designed for elementary schools
  • Free and paid accounts


  • This resource fits in several places, it is somewhat of a LMS for elementary
  • Aligned to the Common Core standards and you can easily assess and track students as they progress
  • Self-Paced mastery learning for K-8
  • Parents can create an account so their children can practice in the summer and throughout the school year
  • Free and paid versions


  • "Award Winning" educational apps for children
  • Download via iOS, Google Play, Amazon (depending on app)
  • Some correlated to common core standards

Peep and the Big Wide World

  • Science curriculum featuring Peep & friends (water, sounds, plants, etc.)
  • Appropriate for pre-K through 1st grade (other elementary grades could benefit with review)
  • Full curriculum available including ppts with directions, the videos themselves, hands-on activities to complement video segments, and much more

Math Games
  • A variety of online math games
  • Covers math concepts all the way to middle school level
  • Searchable by common core standards