Apps, iPad, & iPod Resources

Note: Many of the apps can be found for iOS and Android devices, I mix and match on the links

Finding New Apps

  • Graphite
    • Reviews and ratings of apps, games, and websites by teachers
    • Search by subject, grade level, and price
    • Other good info too

  • APPitic
    • 1,800+ apps for education
    • Searchable by Blooms Taxonomy or NETS
    • Created by Apple Distinguished Educators

  • AppShopper
    • Easy way to search and shop for apps
    • Will open up in iTunes

  • Tech Chef
    • A blog dedicated to mobile learning and apps...learn more here!

  • iEAR
    • Educational apps reviewed by teachers
    • Listing on the side by topic or scroll down stream with iEAR weekly
    • Follow on Twitter - #IEAR or #EDAPP
    • Teachers can submit an app for review

Storyboard and Animation

  • Tellagami
    • Create a one-character animation
    • Use your voice or type what you want to say
    • Tell a story, reflect on assignment, recite a poem, describe what you see
    • Free app

  • StoryKit
    • Free iTunes app
    • Students can create their own e-book by adding text or recording their own voice, all sorts of images can be added as well

  • PuppetPals
    • Use with elementary students+
    • Add your voice to cartoons easily and quickly
    • Free with unlimited time but limited scenes and characters
    • Pay to get more

  • Sock Puppets
    • Create a sock puppet show with your voice synced to the puppets
    • Multiple students can work on the same show
    • Scrubs your voice to make it more "cartoon-like"
    • Free

  • Gabit
    • Create talking avatars to tell your story; manipulate voice keeping yours or making it higher or lower
    • Many free options to customize your avatar
    • Add music and movement
    • 30 Second limit per gabit
    • Can be emailed, saved in your gabits, or saved to camera roll

  • Scribble Press
    • Students can create their own books to share their stories
    • The book can easily be downloaded to the iBooks library
    • Simple to use; use with elementary+
    • Free


  • Showme (link is to website) Showme app
    • A free app for the iPad that allows you to record onscreen drawing and voice (similar to Kahn Academy videos for example)
    • Super easy to use
    • Allows you to get pics from camera roll, take a photo, or search images on the web
    • Once your showme is created it can be uploaded to
    • Site will give you embed code or link for easy access
    • Searchable database of previous showmes

  • Voice Thread (link is to website) Voice Thread app
    • Both a website and a free app
    • Use for student collaboration
    • Use to create a screencast for your flipped classroom
    • Conversations are created around pictures, PowerPoints, diagrams, etc.
    • A pen tool allows you to write/draw on the screen
    • Use your webcam to post comments

  • Educreations
    • Very similar to Showme
    • Searchable database
    • Get pics from camera roll, Dropbox, or take a photo
    • Create multiple slides in one "lesson" (Showme creates one slide)

  • ScreenChomp
    • From the same folks that brought you Jing and CamStudio
    • Yet another free app for turning your iPad into a recordable whiteboard

QR Code Readers

  • Scan
    • Easy to use QR code reader for iPad, free


  • AudioMemos
    • Very easily create audio recordings of any length; not really podcast creator but could be utilized for similar purpose
    • Great quality recording just from mic in iPad
    • Small files can be emailed or the students can listen directly from the mobile device

Problem Solving Apps (Pre-K to Adult)

***I love to play these as much as my own child

Other Engaging Apps

  • Songify
    • Speak into your device and turn anything into a song
    • Help students remember difficult concepts, definitions, and such with a song